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Do you know your Gomukasana from your Adho Mukha Svanasana? Is your Vrksasana all it can be? And how do you feel about Supta Baddha Konasana? Do you know what I'm even talking about?

Sometimes the Sanskrit - however beautiful it sounds - is not very helpful. So, to encourage my students to expand their yoga practice into their home, I sketch the poses we practice during class on a chart and add the Sanskrit and common name. Hopefully, this is a useful tool to help them along in their yogic journey. I also troll the internet, books, and journals to find interesting articles about yoga and the yogic lifestyle.

Back to School Yoga

As I pack my own kids off to school, I try to remind them to think and behave like a yogi: kind in thought and action, breathe, be present and aware, etc. Here is a great article that goes even further.

Have a wonderful school year - and thank you to all the teachers out there!

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