Welcome to Yogi Sticks!

Do you know your Gomukasana from your Adho Mukha Svanasana? Is your Vrksasana all it can be? And how do you feel about Supta Baddha Konasana? Do you know what I'm even talking about?

Sometimes the Sanskrit - however beautiful it sounds - is not very helpful. So, to encourage my students to expand their yoga practice into their home, I sketch the poses we practice during class on a chart and add the Sanskrit and common name. Hopefully, this is a useful tool to help them along in their yogic journey. I also troll the internet, books, and journals to find interesting articles about yoga and the yogic lifestyle.

12-20 Backbends

With the holiday schedule in full effect, I am slowly drowning in a to-do list. So I was unable to scan the drawings from practice Monday. However, here is a list of poses we did in case you'd like to access some hidden energy during the weekend (Backbends are energizing, you know!). Remember to strive to bend your entire back evenly, not just rely on your low back to move:

Supported Fish (Matsyendrasana)


Rocking Lunge (Anjanayasana)

Standing Camel (Utthita Ustrasana)

Sun Salutation A with Sphinx and Up-Dog

Half Bow/Half Locust


Reverse Table or Eastern Plank

Bridge (in Temple Mudra and lifted leg)

Camel (Ustrasana)

Full Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

Half Lord of the Fish twist (Marichiasana)

Happy Baby (Ananda Balasana)

Corpse (savasana)

The quote from Monday is a Japanese folk Zen saying: "Fish live in streams. Birds nest in trees. Human beings dwell in warm hearts."

Good Morning!

We should all aspire to wake up like this!

11-29 Wide Angles and 12-01 Flow

A few of my favorite flows were strung together (like Christmas lights!) to create practice this evening. Starting with "Genie" arms rotating while your follow your forearms with your entire face, moving through an easy pose (sukhasana) series, then onto the more challenging plank series. We then started our standing poses with lunges, warriors, and a reed pose. We moved back down to the mat with a delicious pigeon to cowface flow. Bridge and an extended leg stretch series cooled us off and got us ready for the ever-important savasana.

The quote for tonight was interpreted from the Yoga Sutras: Think of your mind as a lake. When the surface of a lake is agitated, the bottom cannot be seen. Immeasurable treasure may lie there, but it will remain undiscovered until the day the water stills. When the mind becomes quiet, you find awareness of self. Your treasure.
I heard that a few people were a bit sore from this practice Monday evening. I know that we may have discovered a few muscles that have been hiding. The opening series was from Tias Little's workshop. Starting in a sort of reclining tree pose, begin to press your upper elbow down with the breath. Continue for several breaths and then add a pressing down of the shoulder area as well. Then relax the upper body as the bent knee presses into the mat. Again, after several breaths with just the knee pressing, add the buttock/hip area into the work. Eventually, alternate between upper body and lower body presses. Finally, end with all parts pressing at the same time.
Tonight's quote is also based on the Yoga Sutras: Change the mind and the effects will change. How difficult to pull up a might oak. How simple to pinch off an acorn's sprout.

Kids' Yoga Class

Starting in January, young yogis will gain strength, flexibility, confidence, and a sense of calm in this class designed for 6-12 year olds. As a former elementary school teacher and (soon-to-be) Registered Children's Yoga Instructor, I will lead practices full of imagination, songs, and games. We may be offering a special family rate, too!

At the same time, Heather is offering a special one-hour class for parents/caregivers. While your kids enjoy their yoga class, it's ME time. Join her for an hour of strengthening, stretching, breathing, and peace.

I hope to see you and your favorite little people at the studio - a yoga practice is a wonderful gift to share with the family! Please feel free to forward this information on to other families!